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FOR Architectural and LandscapE DESIGN

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CUSTOM SIZES AND COLORS are available for all project planning. We can match any color. Custom rim widths and cleat heights are also available. Our planters are structural architectural planters ideal for space and weight restricted areas. All planters include metal interior supports, pre-drilled holes, and solid rims.

Why do we call our planters Architectural?  

Because just like architecture, they are designed to enhance spaces, as well as to stand the test of time.  

In the 1970’s, Tintori Castings developed our own version of FIBERGLASS which we call SYNTHASTONE. This unique material is lighter weight than plaster or cement, yet is still virtually indestructible.  This is the same type of material used in boats, airplanes and race cars to make them more durable. Its lighter weight makes it uniquely suited for areas with weight restrictions, such as rooftops or balconies, and equally suited for both indoor and outdoor settings.  We’ve also used it to make original sculptures that due to huge size, would be  less manageable in concrete. In Synthastone, it is not only mountable, but impressive and secure. We’ve become experts in matching this Fiberglass product to our client’s needs.  Take a look at our Custom Products page to see more of how we’ve adapted Synthastone to meet a project’s parameters.

For our ARCHITECTURAL PLANTERS, most of them are made of this lightweight Synthastone.  We still make some of our popular round planters (the rolled rim, for example) in traditional concrete to bear up well in garden settings. Contact us for your specific design specifications and we will match the right planter to your needs. Another great feature of synthastone is that COLOR can be added during the casting process, rather than applied to the surface later.  This makes the pigment part of the product and not subject to fading, flaking or chipping over time.  See our color sample page for some options of pigment additions. In summary: SYNTHASTONE is a unique Fiberglass product that has low maintenance, high durability and visually stunning results! 

Architectural Planters - Fiberglass

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