Color Swatch: Green

Custom Forest Green for Gated Sidewalk Entryway.

Architectural Planters - Fiberglass

Color Swatch: Zinc

Black & blue colors added to create Zinc feel

Color Swatch: Iron

Iron flakes give it the texture of oxidizing iron

Color Swatch: Lead

Our light grey color that mimics aged lead

Color Swatch: Stone

Mimics stone, it has texture that gives it a natural concrete look.

Color Swatch: chalk

Our classic white

Architectural and Landscaping enhancements

​CUSTOM SIZES AND COLORS are available for all project planning. We can match any color.

Any of the color options below can be added to your fiberglass product. Our pigments are added during the casting process, rather than applied to the surface later.  This makes the color part of the product and not subject to fading, flaking or chipping over time.

NOTE: Adding color to your product adds a percentage to the cost.  Our Tintori Castings representative will help you determine the final cost for the colors here or any custom colors.

Your Sample Here:

Give us your color swatch and we'll match it in our product!  Contact us to give us your details.

Color Swatch: charcoal

Our classic soft flat black

Color Swatch: Terra Cotta

Warm, bright and smooth salmon color

Color Swatch: Bronze

Has copper and bronze in the mix

Color Sample gallery:


2985 Lucas Tpke. Accord, NY 12404

Color Swatch: Brunette

Faux/Granite Brunette

Color Swatch: Brown

Custom Chocolate Brown for Rooftop Planters

Our color options are just some of the more popular color choices available for your fiberglass product. We can match any color available on the market, including faux granite, copper and iron mixes into the color. We provide our natural lead grey at no extra cost, but all other color choices have a percentage increase. Our newest manufacturing process applies color with a Gel-coat surface instead of pigmented resin, Applying this separate layer of material with color keeps the color rich for longer periods of time, provides UV protection, and increases color durability. It also provides an even, sleek surface with scratch-resistance properties.  

Your Color Sample Here

Color Swatch: Black Granite

Black with white specks mimicking a granite look

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