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Custom Casted items:

From original to mold to cast item...

When our clients consult with the professional artisans at Tintori Castings, we will begin by determining the project scope in terms of size, color, quantity, location, and strength needed for the final product. Our artisans will make a project plan to bring the project to life. Our clients are involved in the approval process along the way. From our client's original design drawings or photograph, we will create a three-dimensional blueprint plan that will specify size, structure and texture. /From there we will create a sketching resemblance. Once that is approved a model of the product will be created.  Then the sculpting of the actual original item will start. Once that "original" is completed, then a mold (form) will be made from it. This mold allows us to make the casting. The casting is the final product which will be used and installed in its final destination. The mold allows us to cast numerous items of the product, depending on the client's needs. 

We love to work with artists to reproduce their original work!

These items are all hand-cast and production is directly supervised by Tintori Castings’ owner, Marco Tintori.  Our guarantee is on every piece that we produce. Once the product is cast, it is sanded and perfected to your specs, and ready for delivery or pick-up. We will work with you to make sure the item is released into your hands ready for presentation or installation.  

See the galleries on this page for photos of some custom projects we have brought through this process with our clients!

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