Custom Fiberglass Planters

Concrete Planters barricading the entrance of the Dutches County Fairgrounds

Crating for Extra Large Planters

Planter Designed at exact Custom Dimensions to fit space

Fiberglass Planters at exact custom dimensions with Custom iron Lion head attached

Trapezoid Planter craned to rooftop

Planters can also be designed for precision fitting, such as sliding into and matching edges, curb lips, under edges, etc. 

Submerged planters with extra supports to sustain boxes and tree weight on rooftop

"One of a Kind" inverted Custom Lettering on Planter

Fiberglass Planter designed to match specific color

Custom Made Wooden Planters installed on rooftop


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Crating for craning, and shop drawing are available!

Contact us and let us know if we can help you  plan your next custom order. We can make any size planter and match any color choice as well

custom made fiberglass planters

Contact us for pricing and/or to plan your next custom project!

Craned Delivery of Astoria Wooden Planters

FOR Architectural and LandscapE DESIGN

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Architectural Planters - Fiberglass

CUSTOM SIZES AND COLORS are available for all project planning. We can match any color. Custom rim widths and cleat heights are also available. Our planters are structural architectural planters ideal for space and weight restricted areas. All planters include metal interior supports, pre-drilled holes, and solid rims.