Custom Fiberglass Planters

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FOR Architectural and LandscapE DESIGN

Fountains and Pergolas Gallery:


time-honored Italian tradition of making

an arbor or a space for sitting or shade.

Also known for being the basis of climbing vines, we can design our pergolas to fit

any environment. We have even custom

designed a combination fountain and

pergola! Electrical for lighting purposes, awnings for covering in exterior living spaces, and waterlines for shower or fountain effect are all available.  Those features are added either through the process of casting or after casting is completed at the client's specifications. All castings are 40% hollow thus allowing interior work such as electrical, plumbing supports, etc. This also allows the pergola to be adapted as a planter, allowing the vines to cascade downl. Any capital or column can be added in to the pergola design. There are no limits!

See our drawing below for specs on

how our pergolas are made.

Our FOUNTAINS are uniquely produced for each individual setting. Custom design color, shape and installation are all part of your personalized construction of all of our space and weight restricted wall fountains.

Pergola details:

A.  All pergola pieces fit together at the post location. All decorative details covering structural work is of the client's choice such as: shape of pergola, height and width of column, capital of column, and other usages like water and electric for the pergola, all facade details.

B.  A structural support that is agreed upon for location such as metal pipe, 4"x4" post, is cast directly into the fiberglass column.

C.  1/4" steel brackets attach to each post at the top and at the bottom. Therefore the entire weight of the pergola structure is carried by the posts, not the columns.

D.  A 18" deep pre-cast concrete cylinder is installed in the ground as footing unless there are different needs for the project..