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The Lion Head Gallery:

One of our most innovative custom projects, THE LION HEAD was begun in 2011 with a giant piece of styrofoam and a dream.  A giant, fierce Lion Head began to take shape as Tintori Castings' artisans cut and carved him into being.  From the styrofoam original, a mold was cast.  From that mold we then made a fiberglass casting.  The super-sized Lion Head took over a corner of our workshop for so long that one of our artisans said, "Always the Lion, we're always working on the Lion."  Finally, in December 2013, the finished Lion Head was installed above the outside entrance of the Hip-Hop nightclub Amazura in Jamaica, Queens.  Enjoy the start-to-finish photos in the gallery as you watch Tintori Castings' artisans bring this dream to life...bigger than life!