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2985 Lucas Tpke. Accord, NY 12404

5 Ft 7 inches Ls x 3 Ft 7 inches W x 31 inches High

Left and Right Orientation (B1 and B2)


7 Ft 2 inches L x 3 Ft 7 inches W x 24 inches High

CUSTOM SIZES AND COLORS are available for all project planning. We can match any color. Custom rim widths and cleat heights are also available. Our planters are structural architectural planters ideal for space and weight restricted areas. All planters include metal interior supports, pre-drilled holes, and solid rims.

modular fiberglass planters

D Planter

Modular Tree Planter

Modular Configurations & Concepts

Architectural and Landscaping enhancements

A, B, C, and E work together in a different island configuration

E Planters

Contact us for pricing and/or to plan your next custom project!

D Planters

Modular Planters Enhancing the Entrance of Kingston Plaza

Owner and Artist Marco Tintori, standing with our Newest modular planters in the fiberglass room at Tintori Casting's workshop.

Modular Pieces

5 Ft 1 inch Ls x 2 Ft 3 inches W x 18 inches High

Left and Right Orientation (E1 and E2)


8 Ft 3 inches Ls x 3 Ft 7 inches W x 31 inches High

A Planters:   Tree Planters

Separate large spaces in parking lots, etc.

Our Modular Pieces have many different applications and uses

C and E added to A and B's to create an Island Modular

Line a curb side or add an appeal 

Finished in Terra Cotta. Color options available!

See available sizes, specifications
and configuration concepts below:

8 Ft 3 inches L x 3 Ft 7 inches W x 36 inches High

Our Newest Planter Series is designed to fit in multiple configurations within a project space. Inspired by Hudson Valley's rock formations and streams, our modular groupings come together naturally. These Modular Planters were made with our newest manufacturing process; Gel-coat color surface. Gel-coat provides additional outdoor color-fastness, and an even, sleek surface with scratch-resistant properties. 

B1, A and B2 Planters

Dimensions for angles and smaller sides are given upon request.

               A Planter                                                   B Planter                                                                        C Planter 

A and B planters add separation to a large space

F Planters

8 Ft 10 inches Ls x 1 Ft 7 inches W x 18 inches High

                     D and A Planters                                                          B Planters Finished                             Snow reflecting off our smooth sleek gel-coat surface

F Planters can fit together to make any length row

C Planters:   Triangles

B Planters

                     E Planter                                                                         F Planter                           

Architectural Planters - Fiberglass

Modular planters adding new dynamics