Architectural and Landscaping enhancements

Architectural Planters - Fiberglass

 Contemporary Planter Series Rimless and Cleatless

Rectangular Planters with a Stone (light grey) finish

Rectangle fiberglass planters

SV38 Double Rolled Rim Window Box

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Rolled Rim Trough

Rolled Rim Shrub Trough

Perimeter Trough

The Skinny

SV100B Rectangle

The Walkway Trough

The Trough

The Shrub Trough

The Entryway Trough

Rectangular Planters mixed with Square Planters

Finished in a Cream Custom Color 

SV66 Conical Planters

L 35 inches x W 15 inches x 14 inches High​

see available sizes
and specifications below:

New York's Botanical Gardens

Top L 60 inches x bottom L 48 inches x W 18 inches x 18 inches High​: Rectangle


2985 Lucas Tpke. Accord, NY 12404

Rectangular Planters gracing the Entrance of a NYC Hotel

SV63 60 inch Shrub Trough planter in Lead

SV56 Rolled Rim Trough

L 54 inches x W 19 inches x 18 inches High

L 54 inches x W 25 inches x 28 inches High

Any Length x W 10 inches x 10 inches High

         SV63    55" x 17" x 17" Trough                      SV38 Custom Double Rolled Rim Window Boxes                                SV100B   Rectangles in a Row

SV56 Rolled Rim Planter Series

CUSTOM SIZES AND COLORS are available for all project planning. We can match any color. Custom rim widths and cleat heights are also available. Our planters are structural architectural planters ideal for space and weight restricted areas. All planters include metal interior supports, pre-drilled holes, and solid rims.

Designers Choice! in...

L 36 inches x W 12 inches x 24 inches High

L 42 inches x W 20 inches x 21 inches High

L 42 inches x W 22 inches x 25 inches High

L 45 inches x W 15 inches x 29 inches High

L 55 inches x W 17 inches x 16 inches High

L 60 inches x W 20 inches x 23 inches High

​L 72 inches x W 24 inches x 23 inches High

SV63   Rooftop Skinny Planters