Custom Fiberglass Planters


2985 Lucas Tpke. Accord, NY 12404

FOR Architectural and LandscapE DESIGN

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Some of our artisans at work:

Owner Marco Tintori

heading into the

workshop to work on the casting of an Extra Large fiberglass planter. >

/\ Casting the Lion's Head in fiberglass.

/\ Artisan finishing work on a pair of our classic Greek Vases.

/\ Artisan sculpting Lion's Head original out of styrofoam.

donato tintori

Owner and Artist

marco tintori

a generational heritage of casting  and mold making

Tintori Castings had its origins with Donato Tintori who learned the art of casting and mold making from his family as he grew up in Bagni di Lucca, Italy, where the children learned casting along with reading and writing in school. Moving to the United States in 1963, Donato opened his shop doors as Donato Designs first in the Bronx, then to Tillson, NY, and finally to its current home in Accord, NY with the family name ultimately restored to the business as Tintori Castings.  While Donato was disabled by a stroke in 2010, his beautiful designs are still part of the concrete catalogs at Tintori Castings, where his son Marco, long trained in the art his father loved, now owns and carries on the family dream of making beautiful castings.   Surrounded by a team of artists, craftsmen, production experts, and problem solvers, Tintori Castings is known for matching a client's design dream with the practical manufacture of that dream.

Founding Artist